CityLax Hall of Fame Inductees

Charlie Glazier, Volunteer

Billy Arzt, Volunteer

Gregory Hodge, Principal at Frederick Douglass Academy

Erin Stanton, Volunteer

Grant Hewitt, Volunteer, past chair of JAB

Whitney Blake, Volunteer

Zach Chandis, Volunteer

Bernadette Devine, Volunteer

Doug Faron, Volunteer, past chair of JAB

Ben Kaminow, Volunteer, Supporter

Jim Jennings, Commissioner of the NLL

George Baron, Retired Head Coach of Jamaica High School and Benjamin Cardozo High School

Eric Goldstein, CEO of DOE's School Support Services

John Murphy, PSAL Commissioner

Eugene Li, Lehman High School's first head coach

Lisa Fuentes, Principal at Christopher Columbus HS

Aquenette Purnell-Hurd, Athletic Director of A. Philip Randolph HS

Bob Wright, Leader of the Don Bosco Parent Lacrosse Group

Don Bosco Lacrosse

New York Lizards

Jim O'Brien, Volunteer

Mat Levine, CityLax Founder

Katie Cox, JAB Chair

Joe Fowler, CityLax and Doc's Lacrosse contributor

Kathleen Coughlin, 2013 Gala Co-Chair

Rob Coughlin, CityLax Board of Directors

Pat Coleman, Greenwich Youth Lacrosse President

Eamon McAnaney, ESPN Lacrosse Coverage

Tom Marino, CityLax Board

Charles "Chuck" Ruebling, Retired Head Coach of Delbarton School

Evan Sheinberg, CityLax contributor

Jarett Wait, CityLax Board

Ed McGuinn, CityLax contributor (admitted posthumously)

Gavril Pasternak, Co-Founder of CityLax (admitted posthumously)

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