In 2005 we embarked on a mission to develop and expand the game of lacrosse inside New York City public schools through a public-private partnership model.

This is a road not usually taken. In contrast to the for-profit clubs, CityLax is not-for-profit and “school-centric.” CityLax firmly believes schools are the best place for student/athletes to develop their individual/team skills and springboard into college.

Through lacrosse and character-based coaching strategies, our organization serves as a catalyst for assisting schools in their effort to bring more of these opportunities to their students.

Furthermore, with the popularity of the sport growing by the day and through CityLax programs, we believe lacrosse will become a leading mainstream team sport in New York City and its schools thereby shedding its image as an elite suburban private school game.


CityLax, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the game of lacrosse in New York City in a public-private partnership with the public school system and in partnerships and alliances with community-based organizations.


We are currently focused on introducing/expanding lacrosse into New York City schools with an emphasis on Middle School and geographies that historically have had little or no access to the game and that are predominantly comprised of populations from lower income families.


CityLax is dedicated to establishing lacrosse as a mainstream sport in New York City through partnerships with the Public School system and community based organizations. CityLax uses lacrosse as a teaching mechanism for helping student/athletes see the value of taking charge of their education, living a healthier lifestyle, and developing life skills for successful college and career advancement.

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