CityLax Board Member Britt Brown Featured in US Lacrosse Magazine BLAXERS BLOG: GOALIE TALK WITH BRITT BROWN, MIRA SHANE AND IMANI WEST

THU NOV 5 2020 | BRIAN SIMPKINS | COLLEGE PHOTO BY BENJI BEAR US Lacrosse Magazine has partnered with Blaxers Blog to produce a series of stories that illuminate the minority lacrosse experience and promote the accomplishments of those individuals who have defied stereotypes to succeed in the sport. Read more about Blaxers Blog and…

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GAME CHANGER | CityLax is Using Lacrosse As a Pathway to College

By Kathleen Parrish, LAFAYETTE COLLEGE MAGAZINE, FALL 2019 Imagine the composer Leonard Bernstein in khaki shorts and a ball cap on a high school athletic field in Brooklyn. Instead of using a baton to divine a Beethoven sonata from his wind, wood, and brass sections, our Bernstein, AKA John Moser ’83, is using a wooden staff…

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Summer Camps in Brooklyn a Sweeping Success!

Coaches and Boys Campers

CityLax hosted two Free Lacrosse camps for boys and girls in July in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. Students traveled as far as 2.5 hours in the heat to come and learn and play. We had 175 players join us in the heat as well as many volunteer alumni coaches from D1 and D3 programs. Everyone improved,…

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