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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Hadley Mongell, CityLax Volunteer Coach

Whether she’s coaching the winter clinics in the Bronx or meeting with the Junior Advisory Board to plan the Spring Gala, Hadley Mongell is a force for CityLax. Originally from Locust Valley, NY, she grew up in a lacrosse family and came to CityLax wanting to share her love of the sport with girls who might not have ever had the opportunity to play without the funding and community support of CityLax. Having played every position on the field, she knows the game better than most and is well-equipped to coach the girls at her clinics, whether she’s working with newcomers or more seasoned players.

What makes Hadley such an outstanding volunteer, however, is her unwavering and infectious love for the sport and her players. Her favorite CityLax memory is telling a new player at one of her clinics that yes, she could get a scholarship for playing goalie. “To see the relief and excitement on her face when she found out that this was an opportunity for her to get farther in life than maybe was possible before was one of the moments that I’ll always cherish.” She can’t wait to see lacrosse continue to grow in New York City and we can’t wait to see how she’ll continue to add to that growth.