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Volunteer Spotlight: John Minieri, CityLax Volunteer Coach

After four years of playing lacrosse at Canisius College, John Minieri decided he wasn’t quite ready to give up the sport and found his way to CityLax. Between running winter clinics in Brooklyn and serving on the Junior Advisory Board, he contributes to many different facets of CityLax’s programming. During his clinic volunteer shifts, he sees players with a deep hunger for knowledge of the game, and that’s what drives him to work harder to grow this sport to reach more and more of NYC’s student-athletes.

The most rewarding part of coaching, he believes, is seeing the progression of kids who go from walking into his clinics having never picked up a stick to becoming “legitimate players,” who in turn become leaders during the next season. Even more importantly, he enjoys seeing his players grow over the years and being able to act as a role model for them, both on and off the field. John says, “One of the really powerful things that I’ve experienced is that the conversations went from being just about lacrosse to now including what they’re going to do after high school. I think that those conversations are more important than lacrosse itself. As volunteers, we get to help grow these student-athletes from being teenagers into adults.”