Meet Jakub Iwon

“My goals are that we grow more as a team with each game, that we have more chemistry and communication throughout.”

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Meet Andrew Strott

“To me, lacrosse is a brotherhood. It’s a game that brings out the best of me and everyone else on the team and cements friendships that I know I will have for my whole life.”

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Meet Carly Fine

Carly Fine, a junior at Bayside High School in Queens, was one of two selected student-athletes to attend the elite NorthStar Invitational camp this summer.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Rossino, CityLax Coach

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Nick Rossino was familiar with lacrosse and began playing in 8th grade. He played Varsity all four years and then…

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Chelsea Ruebling, CityLax Coach

Chelsea Ruebling has been playing lacrosse so long she claims she learned how to cradle before she could walk. She knows firsthand the important balance of fun and working hard to develop skills, and puts a great deal of focus on developing her players’ skills so that they can grow their passion for lacrosse.

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Rhea Lyons, CityLax Coach

Rhea Lyons, a midfield player from Littleton, Colorado, is the site captain and head coach of the Brooklyn CityLax Winter Clinics at James Madison High School.