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CityLax Board Member Britt Brown Featured in US Lacrosse Magazine BLAXERS BLOG: GOALIE TALK WITH BRITT BROWN, MIRA SHANE AND IMANI WEST

May 6, 2020

THU NOV 5 2020 | BRIAN SIMPKINS | COLLEGE PHOTO BY BENJI BEAR US Lacrosse Magazine has partnered with Blaxers Blog to produce a series of stories that illuminate the minority lacrosse experience and promote the accomplishments of those individuals who have defied stereotypes to succeed in the sport. Read more about Blaxers Blog and the content partnership here. Being a successful goalie takes courage and leadership. Black goaltending representation in women’s lacrosse is a rare sight. Brian Simpkins…

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CityLax + Stars of the PLL Deliver Special Middle School Clinic in Harlem

February 3, 2020

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5TH | 3:30 – 5PM Gratefully, CityLax hosted three of the best players in world from the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) to deliver a free clinic at Harlem’s Pinkerton Boy’s and Girls Club. Kyle Harrison, Tom Schrieber and Matt McMahon. Three of the most decorated players at every level of the game, youth, high-school, top division one programs, the US National Team, and now as professional lacrosse players. They embody all that is good about this game…

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GAME CHANGER | CityLax is Using Lacrosse As a Pathway to College

November 22, 2019

By Kathleen Parrish, LAFAYETTE COLLEGE MAGAZINE, FALL 2019 Imagine the composer Leonard Bernstein in khaki shorts and a ball cap on a high school athletic field in Brooklyn. Instead of using a baton to divine a Beethoven sonata from his wind, wood, and brass sections, our Bernstein, AKA John Moser ’83, is using a wooden staff with a netted pocket to produce something just as melodious from a bunch of teenage boys learning the game of lacrosse. “Sticks to the…

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CityLax is Changing the Face of Lacrosse

April 25, 2019

Looking at a college or professional team–or even most high school teams–it’s easy to forget lacrosse’s Native American roots. But ask most people, and they’ll tell you that lacrosse is a “white person sport,” judging from the lack of diversity on the field. However, that’s a quality that is slowly but surely changing, due to the efforts of groups such as US Lacrosse, the NYC PSAL, and CityLax. Part of CityLax’s mission to grow the game is of course…

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“Just a Kid from the Bronx” | Prep Sports Zone

January 22, 2019

“The Bronx has never really been a hotbed for lacrosse players, but a lot has changed since I initially started playing lacrosse in the third grade. With the help of organizations like CityLax, the sport is growing tremendously in the schools and communities of the five boroughs.” Prep Sports Zone

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“Lacrosse Casts Its Net Farther From the Coast, and Pulls In New Recruits” | The New York Times

May 14, 2018

“When I first started playing, I could barely do a push-up or look someone in the eye,” said Khan, now a solid 5-foot-9, 185-pounder. “Now I have options and know that there are even more out there.” The New York Times

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“Cradle of Education: How CityLax is using Lacrosse to Develop Better Students” | UpMetrics: Data For Good

April 27, 2018

“We had a young lady, who is still in college now, who told us the story of her freshman and sophomore year in high school—she lived in a car for the first two years of high school. She’s now on a four-year scholarship to play college lacrosse.” UpMetrics: Data For Good    

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“Spreading the lacrosse gospel” | The Spirit

April 16, 2018

“Twelve years ago, only six high schools in the New York City Public Athletic League (PSAL) had varsity lacrosse teams — four in Staten Island. This was when Matty Levine, former All-American goalie at Williams College and passionate promoter of the game, started on his mission to spread the lacrosse gospel among public school and primarily minority youth.” The Spirit

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“Matty Levine ’74 Brings Lacrosse Opportunities to Inner City Youth” | The Williams Record

February 14, 2018

“In my life, I was so fortunate to have had coaches and teachers that gave me the gifts of lacrosse and a Williams education,” Levine said. “Everything I do involving lacrosse today is my way of trying to pass along these gifts to young people, so they may hopefully gain similar opportunities in life that I have had.” The Williams Record

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“Cornell Lacrosse’s Seibald ’09, Pannell ’13 Strive to ‘Grow the Game’” | The Cornell Daily Sun

November 2, 2016

“Long a popular sport in the suburbs of New York, lacrosse never really gained much popularity in the city itself, according to Max Seibald. Through his volunteer work with CityLax, Seibald is trying to change that.” The Cornell Daily Sun

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