CityLax Stories

Meet Amira Ashfaq

“Because of CityLax, I came out of my shell and gained confidence.”

Amira Ashfaq is a CityLax alumna from Midwood High School, class of 2017. Despite her small 5’2” stature, she’s one of the most tenacious and active goalies on the field. Originally from Saudi Arabia, Amira moved to NYC when she was 7 years old. Amira was forced to quickly learn English in school, which made every day more of a challenge. Because of the universal language of numbers, math became Amira’s favorite class. When she reached high school, she joined the Midwood Girls Lacrosse Team to make friends and convinced her younger sister, Queen, to play as well. By senior year, she was captain of the team.

“Lacrosse was very important to me throughout my high school career,” Amira explains. “Iit helped me stay focused on school and kept my mind off other problems.” Amira recalls how playing on the team with her sister brought them closer together and how proud she is to watch Queen develop as a player.

“Because of CityLax, I came out of my shell. I used to be really shy, but you have to be confident to be a goalie.” Amira’s coaches helped her to step out of the cage and learn to protect her turf. She became such an active goalie, she once ran the entire field and says she would’ve shot if the rules had allowed it. “I might be small, but I’m very protective of my territory and my team.”

Amira is now studying Biology at LIU Brooklyn and hopes to become a surgeon, like her aunt. She also wants to help out with CityLax clinics to coach goalies and inspire them to find their confidence, just like she did.