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Meet Andrew Strott

“To me, lacrosse is a brotherhood. It’s a game that brings out the best of me and everyone else on the team and cements friendships that I know I will have for my whole life.”

Andrew Strott started playing lacrosse because both his father and grandfather played at the collegiate level.  He aspires to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, hoping to play in college after graduating from high school. As a rising junior at Hunter College High School, Andrew enjoys playing for the team as a midfielder.  Since he started in 5th grade, Andrew has seen a major improvement in his skills and ability.

What Andrew enjoys most about being apart of the team at Hunter is the team atmosphere and being able to work with people of all different levels of experience. “To me, lacrosse is a brotherhood. It’s a game that brings out the best of me and everyone else on the team and cements friendships that I know I will have for my whole life.” Andrew emphasizes the fact that working together off the field can translate into what happens on the field. If he and his teammates can work together as a cohesive unit on and off of the field, they are more likely to create stronger bonds and connections. “My team relies so much on the atmosphere and ability to work together; we build strong connections on the field so that we can play together,” states Andrew.  

Andrew says that throughout his years of playing lacrosse thus far, his stick skills are the most important. He says that without persistence and practice, you are not likely to improve. “The more you work on your stick skills, the more you are willing to improve and to get better.”

Andrew describes himself as a very dedicated and driven player, taking advantage of any opportunity that is thrown his way. “Be aggressive,” he has always been told, and lives by whenever he plays. “Lacrosse is such a physical sport and it is important to be aggressive.” He fights for every ground ball, redefends down the field, and when the opportunity to shoot becomes possible, he takes his chances. “I am not selfish with the ball. I am always determined to help out on the field, and will always be somewhere if possible or needed.” As a team player, Andrew is always willing to help out his teammates.  

In his free time, Andrew can be found playing sports like soccer or basketball with his younger siblings or cooking.  “I like cooking with my mom who is the “head of the kitchen” so I’m more of a sous-chef by making the salads and sides dishes and prepping the main dish before she gets home from work.” Andrew’s favorite things to cook include korean BBQ-style chicken wings or other Korean dishes like bibimbap, bulgogi, and kalbi.  

In school, Andrew’s favorite subject is Spanish. He chose to take up the language because he saw it as a gateway into embracing a culture that is so widespread in New York City, today.  “I wanted to learn Spanish because it is so prevalent in New York City today, with all of the diversity.  I find it so interesting to learn about a whole other culture and their language.”

CityLax has opened Andrew’s eyes to a community of people with similar interests and levels of enthusiasm for lacrosse.  His involvement has ranged from participating in the Fall Boys Showcase Team that played in the November Hofstra Tournament to attending the pick-up sessions at Pier 40.  He hopes to continue being involved with CityLax in the coming fall, as well.  This summer he also participated in the CityLax Summer Camp hosted by Big Apple, which he said was “an awesome experience and really helped me fine tune a lot of my skills.”  

Andrew enjoys seeing the gathering of people from all different boroughs to come together and play lacrosse. “I loved meeting players from all of the boroughs, and it was cool to see how lacrosse was coming from all different parts of the city.” As lacrosse has started to spread throughout New York City, Andrew has loved to watch it grow.  He also adds, “I’m pretty sure we will win the PSAL championships next year.”