CityLax Stories

Meet Ella Braunstein

“Because of CityLax, I’ve met amazing teammates that are going to be my lifelong friends.”

Ella Braunstein is in the eleventh grade at the United Nations International School, or UNIS. A middie and attack player, she loves the fast pace of the game and the opportunities to run and score. Most importantly, though, she loves the community of lacrosse.

Ella Braunstein “We didn’t have a lacrosse team at my high school, so I started playing for CityLax in the fall of my freshman year and now I’m also doing the winter clinics,” Ella explains. While she was a bit scared at first to join a team of mostly seniors, she says that she learned a lot from playing with her older teammates. “I’ve really enjoyed playing with CityLax—I’ve never had a bad teammate and all of my coaches have been amazing and just so supportive and motivational.”

At UNIS, Ella is fascinated by her science classes and is studying hard to go to college and eventually medical school. She says, “I want to be a doctor because I really like helping people and I really like biology, so I think being a doctor would be a good way to combine those two passions.” She is involved in a variety of after-school clubs, including OxFam, UNIS United Nations, and Girl Power, which have taught her a lot about nonprofits and how to create positive change in her community. She’s also planning to start a lacrosse club to bring her favorite sport to her colleagues. Ella explains, “Lacrosse is really important to me because it’s taught me how to be a team player. When I began playing in middle school, I started out as someone who really didn’t know how to play on a team or pass the ball, but now I’m confident in my teamwork skills. Because of CityLax, I’ve also met amazing teammates who are going to be my lifelong friends.” After graduation, she hopes to play ball at some level in college, but right now, she’s looking forward to reuniting with her fall teammates at the Manhattan Winter Clinics and continuing to develop her skills.