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Meet Joshua Dyer

“Practice every day. You can’t just practice one day, you need to practice a lot if you want to get better”

Joshua Dyer is a recent graduate of Christopher Columbus High School.  Hailing from the Bronx, Joshua is excited to make the move to New Rochelle and begin his freshman year at Monroe College this fall.  He intends to study Human Services at Monroe and be able to explore all of the opportunities that the school has to offer.

Joshua Dyer

Joshua is a long stick defender and a major asset to his team, on and off of the field.  Safe to say, he is the team’s “hype man.” Constantly cheering on his teammates and making sure that everyone is focused, Joshua likes to keep his teammates on their toes.  

Joshua started playing lacrosse during his sophomore year.  He started playing because he was injured while playing football and missed out on most of the season. By the time lacrosse season rolled around, he was on the road to recovery and decided to join the lacrosse team.  Joshua has said that joining the lacrosse team has not only given him copious opportunities but also the boost of confidence that he needed to balance playing two sports. 

Joshua enjoys the competitive nature of lacrosse, even though he claims to get a little “hot-headed” when the competition gets tough.  As a team captain, Joshua says that his leadership skills have translated into his ability to play on the field.  He is a very vocal and personable player, willing to help out his teammates when needed.  “Since I enjoy the competition so much, I like to take every advantage that I am given,” Joshua says. Running to every ground ball, defending the ball down the field, and being an outlet for his teammates, Joshua is a driven player.  

“Don’t give up on a goal.  Set a goal and don’t give up on it,” Joshua emphasizes.  Failure is not an option in Joshua’s mind.  He believes that with determination and hard work, no one should give up on their goals.  

In his down time, Joshua enjoys working out and physically preparing himself for football and lacrosse seasons.  As a two-sport athlete, it is important that Joshua stay in the best shape as possible in order to keep up with the pace of both games. Although Monroe does not have a lacrosse team, Joshua hopes to walk on to the football and rugby teams, to keep his athletic ability on par.  

“Practice every day. You can’t just practice one day, you need to practice a lot if you want to get better,” Joshua adds.   He believes that with constant practice, improvement will set in.

This past season, Joshua was one out of the two students chosen from Christopher Columbus to be named 1st Team All Division in the PSAL Boys A Division.  Being able to receive such an honor has given him the confidence and the reassurance that praise comes with hard work.

This past winter, Joshua attended the CityLax Winter PSAL Clinics at Christopher Columbus High School.  These clinics gave him the opportunity to play with his teammates as well as other players, and fine tune some of his skills before the season began.  “They have it every year and that’s where I got better and built my confidence in the sport,” Joshua says.

With a new chapter in his life beginning soon, Joshua has seen his potential and level of confidence increase, not only in lacrosse but in school.  He hopes to continue on that path of improvement, on and off the field, as he heads off to Monroe in just a couple months.