CityLax Stories

Meet Loren Cantor

“Because of CityLax, I’ve been able to explore myself as an athlete and learn what it’s like to be a part of a team.”

Loren Cantor is a junior goalie at Bard High School Early College in Manhattan. A tenacious athlete who is always curious to learn something new, Loren first discovered the sport from a poster promoting boys lacrosse. “I was in sixth grade at the time and didn’t know what it was, but I knew that I wanted to be a part of it,” Loren recalls. “I went home and researched the sport and found the Queen’s Club team. I remember expecting to play with the full pads and helmet, like the boys, and being surprised how different girls lacrosse is.”

Loren started as a field player, but after injuring her knee while running track, she decided she had to take a break from the sport. She missed lacrosse too much, though, and decided to join the CityLax team as a goalie, thinking that the position would put less stress on her knee. “I actually love playing goalie now,” Loren says. “Being in control of the field is super satisfying, and it’s so rewarding when I’m able to save a hard shot and get the ball back.”

Loren (center, bottom row) with Fall Showcase teammates

As Loren’s high school does not have a team, CityLax is particularly important to her. “CityLax has given me an opportunity to keep playing lacrosse, but also to see people that I don’t always see every day—another community and family that I get to spend time with. It’s a nice and rewarding distraction from other challenges.”

Off the field, Loren devotes her time to music—an aspiring musician, she plays the guitar, drums, bass, ukelele, harmonica, and the banjo and is currently working on producing her own material. Academically, she loves biology and math and she plans on attending college to become either a veterinarian or a dentist. Until then, she’s excited to keep playing with her CityLax teammates and to continue growing as a goalie.