CityLax Stories

Meet Michelle Neira

“Because of CityLax, I’ve become more outgoing and opened up more than I ever thought I could. Now, I want to pursue lacrosse in college and beyond.”

Michelle Neira is a Senior Attack player from Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens. Michelle first joined the CityLax Fall Showcase team because she thought it would be the perfect way to practice and learn lacrosse from girls who were not on her team. “My favorite thing about CityLax,” she says,” is that I have a ton of friends from different schools and different backgrounds. On my school team, I’m a little more shy and reserved, but at CityLax, I’m a lot more outgoing. It’s definitely let me be out of my comfort zone.”

An AP student, Michelle’s favorite class is AP Computer Science because it’s something completely new and different from her other classes. She plans on attending SUNY Albany next year and hopes to study Cyber Security or a similar program in the Computer Science field because, she says, “I love learning how to code! It’s really interesting, and I think cyber security is so prevalent nowadays and would help a lot of people.”

Off the field, Michelle enjoys running outside in NYC with her dad and going to concerts with her friends (a huge Beyonce fan, she claims the best moment of her life was a concert in 2015). On the field, her best moments have been with her team on tournament or game days, because she loves the positive energy and how pumped up everyone gets.

Her best advice to fellow lacrosse student-athletes is advice that she’s received from her CityLax coaches: “Just keep being persistent. Whether it’s running or trying to learn a new skill or anything in life, if you put in the work and keep trying, it’ll work out.”