CityLax Stories

Meet Nick Norman

“Because of CityLax, I’ve had a lot of educational opportunities open.”

Nick Norman is a senior at John Dewey High School and one of our CityLax Fall Team athletes. He’s fascinated by science and hopes to eventually go to medical school to be a doctor in the sports medicine field, but right now he’s focused on being a leader for his teammates, both on and off the field. Nick is a close defenseman and is the captain of both the wrestling and lacrosse teams, a position that he says he was cut out for. “It can be difficult sometimes to balance the responsibility that comes with being a captain and also being encouraging and keeping the spirit really positive, but it’s a fun challenge. I love it.”

Nick started his athletic career wrestling and practicing martial arts, but when he started at John Dewey High School, he was introduced to lacrosse and immediately knew this was a sport he wanted to pursue. Nick says, “I love the and camaraderie of lacrosse and that it’s a difficult sport—it’s very physical and fast-paced and it’s made me a stronger person.” Even when he’s not at practice, he’s still playing with friends after school, many of which are new friends he’s met from the different boroughs on the Fall Showcase Team.

Lacrosse has also broadened Nick’s options of where he can pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. “Because of CityLax, I’ve had a lot of educational opportunities open,” Nick says. “I’m looking at colleges who want me to play for them and schools that I wouldn’t be looking at if I had never played lacrosse.” Wherever he ends up, he assured us that one thing he knows is that he’ll still be playing lacrosse.