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Moner Mosa: #17

“Because of CityLax, I found opportunities to surround myself with positive people who I still look up to as mentors today.”

Do you recognize our newest Fall Boys Showcase Team coach Moner Mosa? That’s because Moner, now a graduate of Hofstra University’s business school and an Advanced Analytics Recruiter at Elliott Browne International, was once a CityLax athlete himself.

Originally from the Bronx, Moner attended Christopher Columbus High School. He had never played lacrosse before, but his friend was on the high school team and tried incessantly to get him to join, too. Moner had badly broken his leg the year before, though, and so was hesitant to try such a physical contact sport. But, by the beginning of his junior year, he finally gave in and signed up for the CityLax Fall Team—and after the first practice, he was hooked.

Moner recalls, “I dedicated all my free time to playing lacrosse. I went to clinics every Saturday, I played on the travel team, the CityLax fall team—every opportunity I could get.” Lacrosse became Moner’s motivation to simply go to school. “I fell in love with playing and the only way that I was going to do that was if I actually went to school and made myself study. What’s more, my coaches became people who inspired me to go after my career path and are who I still really look up to as mentors today.” Because of CityLax, Moner says he found opportunities to surround himself with positive people and still hangs out with his old coaches and mentors on the weekends.

Coach Moner Mosa

As part of the CityLax Fall Showcase Team, Moner played in a tournament at James Jordan Stadium at Hofstra University. He was 17 years old at the time and was thrilled just to score his first goal against such fierce competition. Never did he imagine that he would one day return to that field as a student of Hofstra, class of ‘17, and lead the team to 3 straight conference championships—all while repping his lucky number, 17, of course.

Now, Moner is thrilled to be coaching the very team that he started out playing on. He also coaches with DOCS and mentors his cousin, who is a CityLax student athlete at Columbus. As Moner says, “I’ve always been really dedicated to staying connected with CityLax, because 100% if I didn’t play lacrosse, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” He hopes that as more CityLax students continue to become alumni, they follow his footsteps and come back to coach, as well. “It’s about more than just lacrosse, obviously—it’s about the preparation for kids like me, who probably didn’t have the right guidance, but City Lax gives us opportunities and allows us to develop in ways we wouldn’t otherwise.”

The Fall Showcase Team, in particular, is important to Moner because he remembers what it was like to be a new player, still trying to develop his skills. “I wasn’t one of the best players, but I definitely had passion and I was always there to give a helping hand. I like to be able to give back, especially when I recognize kids at practice who are just like I was when I was in their shoes, and to remind them to stay optimistic, even when times are rough. I would never have expected to be in the shoes that I am today, and you never know where you’re going to go.” And sometimes, that destination might be closer to home than you’d expect.

Coach Mosa with the 2017 Fall Boys Showcase Team at a Sunday night practice.