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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Rhea Lyons, CityLax Coach

Rhea Lyons, a midfield player from Littleton, Colorado, is the site captain and head coach of the Brooklyn CityLax Winter Clinics at James Madison High School. She loves literature and works in the publishing field. Rhea began playing lacrosse in middle school and continued throughout college at University of Rochester before moving to Brooklyn, where she joined the Central Lacrosse Club. Upon meeting Sabrina Alimi, another CityLax volunteer, Rhea was introduced to Doc’s and CityLax and became a volunteer coach for the CityLax Winter Clinics, where she has continued for the past nine years. Reflecting on her own experiences as a female student-athlete and professional, she strives to teach the girls at her clinics important life skills, such as teamwork. Rhea explains, “It’s really frustrating to see powerful women push down other women to succeed. I want to give the girls a sense of healthy competition and teach them what it means to be an athlete in a pure sense of the word—on the field, mentally, and in their regular lives, how to be competitive and push yourself but how to simultaneously pull up people with you.” Rhea believes these lessons will help both on the field in game situations, and in the classroom, such as when working on group projects or preparing for a ranked test. “As a volunteer, I feel like I’m in a position where I can help teenage girls come into their own and embrace their own power. I get to see them grow over the years, which is really inspiring.”