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Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Rossino, CityLax Coach

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Nick Rossino was familiar with lacrosse and began playing in 8th grade. He played Varsity all four years and then went on to play club at Drexel University before moving to New York City and working for Blackstone. Nick first got involved with CityLax as a volunteer for the Winter Clinics in the Bronx, and then shortly after joined the Junior Advisory Board, as well. “Over the years,” Nick says, “I’ve gotten to know the other volunteers and even stayed in touch with some of the student-athletes who’ve graduated and come back to help out. I’ve seen the way CityLax provides structure in the kids’ lives and how it’s changed their aspirations to be higher than they were when they first showed up at the clinics.”

Even though it can be difficult to get up early on a cold Saturday morning, Nick says the idea of coaching the student-athletes is what gets him out of bed. “CityLax is a way for me to give back and pay it forward. Lacrosse is a sport that’s helped me in my pursuits, even with my current job–I was able to make a connection with a CityLax volunteer who also coached at the Bronx and was recruiting for Blackstone at the time, and I believe that’s why I’m here and now off to business school.” He continues, “Lacrosse is about more than just the sport–it’s an opportunity to continue your education throughout your life and being able to give that back to kids is what’s important to me.”